Friday, 24 September 2010

Harmon Girders

Got this from a video and it's John Harmon's original drawings.
From this I have managed to work out that mine are 22" overs !


jbfrmca said...

i was lucky enough to hold that binder in my hands. kinda felt like the holy grail. goosebumps and all

CoalitionImagery said...

What's the length of your front end? I have a Harman front end and I am curious how much over it is. Killer parts stash you are building for yours.

Griff said...

Mine is 21" over, measure the front and back legs, then from the picture and you should be able to work it out, it's a bit hazey, but you can just make it out.

Griff said...

Like this
12” over = 49Back 61Front
14” over = 51Back 63Front
16” over = 53Back 65Front
18” over = 55Back 67Front
20” over = 57Back 69Front
22” over = 59Back 71Front