Saturday, 7 February 2009

Stuff of dreams

After selling the last chop, I quite fancied another cafe racer and have allways wanted a Vincent, I spoke to monsieur Godet in France, the man from Godet Vincent ( ) and to get a NEW 1300cc electric start Vincent he said he would do me a special offer, is was £40.000.00 or $80,000.00, guess who doesn't have one (Me) , Fu*k they're nice though.

It's the start of the new project I've just bought

I can feel a Swedish chop comming on with a long front end mmmmmmmm

And the tank from my first chop is going on it

The electric Knuckle

After fitting a Tech cycle Panhead kit two years ago, it has just not been up to turning over the 96" knuckle (just like my back) so here we have a new Revtech 4 speed ratchet lid with ears and an Indian Larry starter kit, and it kind of fits, only a little bit more fabrication and bingo!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Those Japs know you know

Mooneyes show Osaka

mmmmmmmmmm want one

Don't want one, but you've gotta appreciate the engineering

I really want to go to this show in Sweden

The trouble is it's about 700 miles each way - We'll see

And... here are two reasons why

West of Ireland Trip in 2006 - it rained and rained and rained and rained

Me old shovel

Freaky Deakey - Another Scandavanian stunner, yea AND it's supercharged

Road trip to Holland last year

Me at the Isle of Man TT races in 1982

Only saw the "Senior TT" race all week, Didn't see any of the other races - spent the whole week in various pubs.

Sweden Trip in 2004

Went to the SuperRally in 2004 I REALY like those long front ends, I can feel one coming on for the next build (just got myself a shovel motor :-)

Daytona 2007

Went to Daytona in 07 met a few spooky girls, saw a few spooky bikes too!